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What is the need for Water Tank Cleaning ???

Water supply Dynamics


You may be aware that water is supplied through a complex network of pipelines from the point of supply to the point of consumption. As most of these pipe lines are beneath the surface, in several places these pipelines are so old and corroded that fissures gets created. In the absence of continuous pressure in pipes allows incursion of dirt, mud and contamination which exists around a leaking pipeline. In turn, this contamination and suspended dirt finds their way through the pipelines into our underground (and overhead) water tanks.

Impact on water tank ?

The deadly contaminations progressively find its way into our underground water tank. The tank impurities (like rust, sand, plants, weeds, algae or organic matter which often settle down in tank) accumulates over a period of time and becomes a breeding ground for harmful virus, bacteria, cysts, and other micro-organism. The sidewalls of the water tank due to continuous dampness develop moss and other fugal growth. Also, it causes operating problems, accelerate corrosion and reduce the storage capacity.

Influence on storage water ?

The quality of water depends on the hygiene of the tank. Progressive contamination and accumulation of sludge in the tank leads to poor quality of water. These residual bacteria and germs increase multifold in numbers as the conditions in the water tank is suitable for their breeding, thus making the water very risky for human consumption.

How is it going to affect us ?

It is prudent to have a well maintained and clean tank
Stored water is used for DRINKING, washing, cooking, cleaning floors, bathing and many other needs. Filtering the water in individual household does not remove all germs from water that is used for human consumption. Humans are subject to water borne diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Gastro, Skin rashes, etc.

Therefore, water from unhygienic tank would have detrimental consequences both on our health and wealth.

After considering the multiple factors, we have put in place simple progressive steps to secure your family with safeguard solutions in form of "Tank Doctor".