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How are we different?

There are lots of ambiguities which persist pertaining to the Water Tank Cleaning. Lack of in-depth insight has proved detrimental to many. Hence, we have put together the finer aspects that make the difference:



Conventional Process


Tank Doctor

Methodology Irrational and Unorganized Scientific Solution to Clean and Disinfect Water Tanks
Type of Personnel Untrained Casual Labourer
(Like Sweeper, Plumber, Security Guard, Maid, etc.)
Our workers are specifically trained for this purpose.
Worker Traits Most of the occasion the person entering into the tank do not have any sense of personal hygiene and they themselves could be the source of contamination to the water tank. Skilled professionals with Clean Habits. Courteous, treat you with the kindness and respect you deserve.
Safety Precautions Nothing specific to this extent Prime importance is given to safety - Equipped with boots, helmet and safety equipment’s which are subject to periodical examination
Insurance Coverage None. In the event of any untoward accident to the labourer,  the onus is concerned association and its resident Insurance Cover for all team members. You don't have to worry about being held liable if one of them should be injured on your property.
Dependability Workers are unreliable, erratic behavior and cannot be traced back You can always rely on us; we are very dependable and accessible at any time.

Usually Brush or Broom
(which may have been used for cleaning toilets or gutter)

Use of sophisticated and latest equipment’s
Customer Dependency Most of the cases they are reliant on customers for supply of various resources like disinfectants, materials, tools, etc. Even to the extent of lending a hand in cleaning the tanks Provide end to end service and do not rely on customers for anything other than Electric Supply and Water for the purpose hired.
Chemicals Used Bleaching Powder, Detergent, etc. ( which can be harmful in some cases ) Anti-Bacterial Spray - Totally bio-degradable, ecofriendly and fully safe for human use.
Efficacy Ineffective and no guarantee of having removed dirt completely due to manual scrubbing. Moreover, even after cleaning bacteria still remains and multiplies in the tank. Clean and disinfects the tank completely including its entry & exit points through High Pressure Cleaning Machines, Vacuum Cleaning, Anti-Bacterial Sterilizing Agent and UV Radiation.
Accessibility The people involved are not always available as they feel they are indispensable Tank Doctor is accessible at any time and delivers timely and quality services.
Time Factor Is very laborious and time consuming Quick and safe. We use latest technology and equipment’s to perform tasks faster.
Pricing Arbitrarily Priced Deliberately kept the cost at such a level, so as to make it affordable to a cross-section of our society.
Record Management None Record upkeep of cleaned tanks, scheduling of next cleaning operations, timely reminder and implementation so as to make it tension free
Aspiration Water Tank Cleaning is supplementary Water Tank Cleaning only is our top priority. We take pride in our work and set high standards for the quality of our service.

A water purifier provides safe drinking water for you. But sometimes, even the most expensive water purifiers may fail to perform due to improper maintenance. Wondered Why? Most water purifiers source of water is from the water tank whose cleaning is neglected.
“The situation is all the more unfortunate because many people think the tanks are properly cleaned by their casual labourers when in reality they are not”.