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Over the years, we have made rapid strides both on the social and economic front owing to the technological advancement. In fact the inherent benefits can be seen across segments except when it comes to water storage tank cleaning wherein we still resort to conventional methods turning a blind eye to the health hazards.

So it is time to exercise prudence!!!
We live in unconventional times, and everywhere there is a call for unconventional ways of doing things. NEW, BETTER and DIFFERENT ways! Everything's changing and changing rapidly that the great success stories of just a few short years ago are outmoded. Getting into the finer details is what makes the difference. Because some things can't be said, but have to be tried.

Our Vision

Work together to create solutions aimed at having a clean and healthy society

Our Mission

To develop and deliver meaningful results. We will do so by:
  • Empowering the citizens to participate and benefit through integrated action in the fields of primary health through
    active collaboration with the independent organisations.
  • Committing to invest in long-term efforts to support inclusive growth through effective interventions.
  • Implementing and continually upgrading the best processes, systems and tools available.
  • Designing, aligning and building an organization of highly skilled customer oriented professionals.

Tank Doctor Sterilization Process

Mechanized Dewatering
Stage 1

Sludge Removal
Stage 2

High Pressure Cleaning
Stage 3

Vacuum Cleaning
Stage 4

Anti-bacterial Spray
Stage 5

UV Radiation
Stage 6